Anna Bolton

Translating on the Fly

Anna Bolton dodged the cooler of Gatorade aimed at Cleveland Indians shortstop José Ramírez, but she couldn’t avoid the cooler of water that followed. “Bienvenida al equipo,” Indians’ shortstop Franci...
Nate Bier

U.S. Army Captain Nate Bier Named Clemson Game Hokie Hero

U.S. Army Capt. Nate Bier, a Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets alumnus who earned a degree in history from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences and a minor in leadership studies from the...
Mallory Noe-Payne

Mallory Noe-Payne Joins WVTF

Mallory Noe-Payne was one of three highly experienced journalists to join the staff of the WVTF Radio IQ News Department this spring. Noe-Payne, who graduated from Virginia Tech in 2013 with degree...
Captain Kidd's House

Pirates Were People, Too

In late March 1717, as part of a gang of nearly 250 pirates who’d spent the year raiding ships in the Caribbean, Captain Paulsgrave Williams sailed north up the coast of New England in the Marianne,...
Nancy Moga

Nancy Moga Honored with Alumni Distinguished Service Award

Virginia Tech has named Nancy Moga, of Covington, Virginia, a recipient of its 2017 Alumni Distinguished Service Award. The award, which recognize alumni for contributions to Virginia Tech, is pres...
Sarah Obenauer

Hokies ‘Make a Mark’ in Design-a-Thon for Nonprofits

A one-day design marathon led and executed largely by Hokies delivered critically needed free marketing materials to 18 area nonprofits. Over 12 hours, designers and developers at Make a Mark...
In 1920, members of the Overseas Club — Virginia Polytechnic Institute students who fought in Europe during World War One — gathered around The Rock, a stone memorial the Class of 1919 erected in memory of VPI students and alumni lost during the war.

Alumni Who Fought in France During World War I

All was quiet on the Western Front — until about one o’clock in the morning of September 12, 1918, when, infantryman Clifford Hubbard later wrote, an artillery barrage nearly drowned out the s...
At Virginia Tech's American Indian and Indigenous Heritage Month event held in October 2016, Rufus Elliott '07 wore a "VT" necklace made by his mother; the "beads" are Indian corn.

Native Inspiration

Virginia Tech’s first Monacan alumnus, Rufus Elliott (history ’07) paid tribute to his grandmother and mother during the university’s annual celebration of American Indian and Indigenous Heritage Month.

The Giving Spirit

It began with a drive through the nation’s capital one frigid winter evening. Minutes after passing the White House and the Treasury Building, Tom Bagamane could see homeless men and women, their shap...
Mike Butera sits next to Instrument 1, the first Artiphon product

One-Man Band

Mike Butera was always the guy in the band toting multiple instruments: the beat-up banjoes, the ukulele rescued from a dusty shop, the cello that overwhelmed the stage. The classically trained violi...
Kelsy Dominick

The International Language of Fashion

In just under two decades, Kelsy Dominick went from sewing dresses for her Barbies to being the first U.S. designer in at least 60 years to send her creations down a fashion runway in Cuba. “Fashion,...

It Is Rocket Science

When a Mars Rover crosses Marathon Valley, Juno orbits Jupiter, or a Cassini Spacecraft surveys Saturn’s Rings, it’s the pioneering work of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Realizing the visions of ...
Bobbie Allen

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman

How should Bobbie Allen’s music be characterized? Stumped, she turns to Wikipedia. “It says here I’m an indie-pop alternative artist,” she says, laughing. “I guess that’s about right.” Allen’s hesi...

Storytelling in Motion

For event producer Liz Hart, no challenge is too daunting and no detail too insignificant. Help erect a temporary theme park to entertain 14,000? No problem. Cue an Olympian to light a torch in a pack...
Kristi Castlin at Boston College Game

As Good as Gold

In a split second — two-hundredths of a second, to be exact — Kristi Castlin made both Olympic history and Virginia Tech history. Castlin won a bronze medal in the women’s 100-meter hurdles at the 20...
Darrell Wesh

Taking the Heat

Darrell Wesh represented his parents’ home country of Haiti at the Rio Olympics. There he competed in the 100-meter dash, an event for which he holds Haiti’s record. “It was such an honor to be in ...
Kelly Ryner

The Art of Immersive Theatre

A 16th-century Chinese kingdom ruled by a mischievous monkey. An Inca-cursed, fire-breathing temple harboring a legendary treasure. The hidden chambers of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. T...
Katrina Powell (right), coordinator for VT Stories, reviews the website with Tarryn Abrahams, a graduate research assistant, with Jessie Rogers working in the background.

VT Stories Captures Alumni Experiences

Every Hokie has a story. Whether attending as a cadet in the years following World War II, breaking ground as one of the first African American women to be accepted as a student, or using tim...

Virginia Polytechnic Institute’s Service During World War I Remembered

As part of its 2016 Veterans Day commemoration, Virginia Tech launched an online exhibit, Men Who Served: VPI in World War One, celebrating the university’s service during World War I. During...



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