School of Education Academic News

The following graduate students and faculty members were inducted into the Virginia Tech Academy for Graduate Teaching Assistant Excellence this academic year. Joining as members in Fall 2017 were: Si-Hua Chang, Philosophy; and Michelle Murray and Jameson Natwick, both Human Development and Family Science; as an associate: Katarina Krizova, Human Development and Family Science; as a fellow: Lindsay Whittaker, Philosophy; and as faculty scholars: Matthew Komelski, Human Development and Family Science, and Jordan Laney, Religion and Culture.

Inducted as members in Spring 2018 were: Allison Hutchison, English; Chelsea Lyles, Higher Education; and Jessica Stephen Premo, Human Development and Family Science; as an associate: Jarrod Blair, Philosophy; and as a fellow: Katherine Ayers, Sociology.

Members are graduate students with limited or no graduate teaching assistant experience. Associates have at least one semester of teaching experience and/or have participated in curriculum development. Fellows have more than two semesters of teaching experience and/or curriculum development and outstanding teaching evaluations. Faculty scholars are recognized for their commitment to teaching excellence, pedagogical innovation, and inclusive learning environments; they include instructors, faculty members, and postdoctoral scholars.


Three graduate students from the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences were selected for induction into the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society: Dannette Gomez Beane, Counselor Education; Mary Ryan, ASPECT; and Shelby Ward, ASPECT.

The society was established in 2005 and named for the first African-American to earn a doctoral degree in the United States; it “seeks to develop a network of scholars who exemplify academic and personal excellence, foster environments of support, and serve as examples of scholarship, leadership, character, service, and advocacy for students who have been traditionally underrepresented in the academy – exemplifying the spirit and example of Dr. Bouchet.”  Virginia Tech is one of 16 Bouchet Society chapter institutions.

The 2018 Bouchet Graduate Honor Society Scholars will be inducted in April at Yale University.

The following undergraduate and graduate students in the College were inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education:  Tiffany Bishop, Curriculum and Instruction; Allison Cabrey, Human Development; Natalie Garcia, Human Development; Phoebe Jackson, Human Development; Karen Mumaw, Curriculum and Instruction; Leah Schwartz, Human Development; Kaitlyn Sorenson, Curriculum and Instruction; Kayla Thorne, Human Development; Juliana Vossenberg, Human Development; and Jamie Wieder, Human Development.

Selection as a member of Kappa Delta Pi is based on high academic achievement, a commitment to education as a career, and a professional attitude that assures steady growth in the profession.

The students were initiated into membership through the Xi Zeta chapter of Virginia Tech on February 24.

Carol Mullen, a professor in the School of Education, published “What’s Ethics Got to Do With It? Pedagogical Support for Ethical Student Learning in a Principal Preparation Program,” Journal of Research on Leadership Education 12.3 (2017): 239–72.

Amy Azano, an assistant professor in the School of Education, published “Perceptions of Teachers and Parents on the Educational Experiences of Students with Autism in a Remote Rural Community,” The Rural Educator 38.3 (2017): 39–54, with alumna Mary Tackett; and “The CLEAR Curriculum Model,” Fundamentals of Gifted Education: Considering Multiple Perspectives, ed. Carolyn Callahan and Holly Hertberg-Davis, 2nd edition (New York, New York: Routledge, 2017), pp. 293–309, with alumna Mary Tackett, Tracy Missett, and Carolyn Callahan.

Brett Jones, a professor in the School of Education, published the following articles: “Redesigning a Neuroscience Laboratory Course for Multiple Sections: An Action Research Project to Engage Students,” The Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 15.2 (2017): A137–43, with Hsiao-Wei Tu; “Motivating Incoming Engineering Students with Diverse Backgrounds: Assessing a Summer Bridge Program’s Impact on Academic Motivation,” Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering 23.2 (2017): 121–45, with Walter Lee, Cory Brozina, and Catherine Amelink; “Motivational Factors to Consider when Introducing Problem-Based Learning in Engineering Education Courses,” International Journal of Engineering Education 33.3 (2017): 1000–17, with Carlos Mora, Beatriz Añorbe-Díaz, Antonio González-Marrero, and Jorge Martín-Gutiérrez; and “Identifying Pre-High School Students’ Science Class Motivation Profiles to Increase Their Science Identification and Persistence,” Journal of Educational Psychology 109.8 (2017): 1163–87, with School of Education alumna Jessica Chittum. 

School of Education faculty member Brett Jones and alumnae Sumeyra Sahbaz, Asta Schram, and Jessica Chittum published “Using Psychological Constructs from the MUSIC Model of Motivation to Predict Students’ Science Identification and Career Goals: Results from the U.S. and Iceland,” International Journal of Science Education 39.8 (2017): 1089–1108.

School of Education faculty members Serge Hein, Gary Skaggs, and Jesse “Jay” Wilkins published “Estimating an Observed Score Distribution from a Cognitive Diagnostic Model,” Applied Psychological Measurement 41.2 (2017): 150–54.

School of Education doctoral student Sehmuz Akalin, faculty member Brett Jones, and alumnae Jessica Chittum and Asta Schram published “The Effects of an Afterschool STEM Program on Students’ Motivation and Engagement,” International Journal of STEM Education 4.11 (2017): 1–16.

School of Education faculty members Brett Jones and Jesse “Jay” Wilkins published “Assessing Music Students’ Motivation Using the MUSIC Model of Academic Motivation Inventory,” Applications of Research in Music Education 35.3 (2017): 16–22, with Kelly Parkes.