hands reaching through prison bars

Limitations of ‘Color-Blind’ Sentencing

According to U.S. Bureau of Justice statistics, American prisons currently house more than 2.2 million individuals, a population roughly the size of Houston, Texas. This incarceration rate is ...

Students Organize the University’s First Powwow

A small yet dedicated group of individuals — including several College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences students — organized the university’s first powwow, which took place on April 1 on the...
At Virginia Tech's American Indian and Indigenous Heritage Month event held in October 2016, Rufus Elliott '07 wore a "VT" necklace made by his mother; the "beads" are Indian corn.

Native Inspiration

Virginia Tech’s first Monacan alumnus, Rufus Elliott (history ’07) paid tribute to his grandmother and mother during the university’s annual celebration of American Indian and Indigenous Heritage Month.
Anthony Kwame Harrison

Anthony ‘Kwame’ Harrison Named Gloria D. Smith Professor of Black Studies

Anthony “Kwame” Harrison, an associate professor of sociology in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, has been named the Gloria D. Smith Professor of Black Studies by Virgi...
Anthony Peguero sitting in a classroom

Drawing the Line

Colin Ryan had always felt awkward in elementary school, and when he started middle school, he figured if he couldn’t be cool, he could at least strive for invisibility. His plan worked, at least for ...
Joe Frazier

Joe Frazier Inspired by Dreams of a United Community

Joe Frazier said that, while he loves studying sociology, he gets frustrated with the apathy that’s often unavoidable in college courses. Frazier received degrees in sociology and philosophy in 2013, ...


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