Alumni Bookshelf

I’ve Loved You Since Forever.Signed First Edition
Fix Your Business
The Global War for Internet Governance
Shadows of Flowers
A Land of Permanent Goodbyes
Speak, My Tongue
The Unquiet Grave
Safer Makerspaces, Fab Labs, and STEM Labs
Fiction and Non-Fiction
The Inspiration Code
Boisterous Bird of Paradise
The Shroud Conspiracy
Cover of Who Killed Christopher Goodman
The Pirate Next Door
The Perfect Stage Crew
Prayers the Devil Answers
Where We Belong
Reluctant Rebels
Regulation Ghost
The Secret Sky
Necessary Fire
Jagged Tune
Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months
When You Find Us We Will Be Gone
Prime: Poetry & Conversation
PR for Anyone
Going Home Nowhere and Fast
Ten Years Later
From the Dictionary of Living Things
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Song and Signal
Let Me Be Frank
The Watch that Ends the Night
A Last Resort for Desperate People: Stories and a Novella
Divided Loyalties
My Moustache
All Black Everything
he Buoyancy of It All
The Power of Presence
The Anthem Guide to Short Fiction
Are You Ready to Become Your Own Boss?
Cover of Hoda
You’d Be a Stranger Too
Zane's Trace
Dirty August
The Blood-Hungry Spleen
New Found Land
Mondo DC
The Windsor Knot
Sick of Shadows