ASPECT Academic News

ASPECT doctoral student Emma Stamm was interviewed by Wesley Thoricatha of The Psychedelic Times for the article, “Psychedelic Science, Ontological Mystery, and Political Ideology: A Conversation with Emma Stamm,” which was published online December 17, 2018.

ASPECT doctoral student Emma Stamm published “On Elephant Skin: Critical Data Studies and Political Economy” on the Virginia Tech graduate student commentary blog, RE: Reflections and Explorations, on December 6.

ASPECT doctoral student Rob Flahive published “Disturbing the Traces of Colonialism in the Tropen Museum” on the Virginia Tech graduate student commentary blog, RE: Reflections and Explorations, on November 29.

ASPECT doctoral student Leigh McKagen published a review of Alien Imaginations: Science Fiction and Tales of Transnationalism, ed. Ulrike Kushler et al., in Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction 131, 47.3 (2018): 99–102.

In addition, she presented “Imperial Worlding: Adventure Narratives, Empire, and Brave New Worlds in Star Trek: Voyager” at the Worlding Science Fiction Conference, which was held December 6–8 in Graz, Austria.

ASPECT doctoral student Nada Berrada published “Reflecting on Trust and Social Justice in the Thought of David Hume and John Rawls” on the Virginia Tech graduate student blog, RE: Reflections and Explorations, on September 21.

ASPECT doctoral student Judson Abraham presented “Why, Exactly, Does Trump ‘Dig Coal’? Monopoly Capitalism in an Extractive Industry” at the 6th Annual Rural Studies Student Conference, which was held November 1–2 in University Park, Pennsylvania.

Six ASPECT students presented research at the International Studies Associate – Northeast Region Annual Conference: Caroline Alphin, “Cyborg Neoliberalism: Biohacking and the Quantified-Self as Instrumentalized Self-Cultivation”; Linea Cutter, “Sugar-Coating Corporate Power: Neoliberal Fitness and the Subjugation of the Female Body”; Rob Flahive, “Reorienting the ‘Modernist Gaze’ and Reimagining Colonial Infrastructure in Casablanca”; Mario Khreiche, “Open Source and Social Control: Microsoft’s Acquisition of GitHub”; Leigh McKagen, “Narrating Empire: Reflections on the Political Theory of the Present Moment”; and Shelby Ward, “The Temporality of Colonial Spaces: Mapping the Dynamic Forms of Coloniality in Urbanization Projects in Colombo.”

The conference was held November 2–3 in Baltimore, Maryland.

ASPECT doctoral student Caroline Alphin and François Debrix, director of ASPECT and a professor in the Department of Political Science, presented “‘Necro-geopolitics’ Exploited Vulnerabilities, Disadvantaged Lives, and Death-Making” at the Annual Meeting of the Social Science History Association, which was held November 8–11 in Phoenix, Arizona.

ASPECT doctoral candidate Mary Ryan presented the following: “The Democratic Kaleidoscope in the United States: Vanquishing Structural Racism in the U.S. Federal Government” at the University Research Showcase for the Class of 1968 Alumni 50th Reunion, which was held on November 2 at The Inn at Virginia Tech; “Harvesting U.S. Democracy: The Kerner Commission on Police Brutality, White Supremacy, and Race” at the Northeastern Political Science Association 50th Annual Conference, which took place November 8–10 in Montreal, Canada; and “(Re)Collecting U.S. Democracy: Riots, Race, and the State of the Republic Through the Lens of the Kerner Commission” at the Northwestern University Graduate Student Conference in Political Theory, “Spectres of Domination: Politicizing the Terms of Resistance,” which was held November 16 in Evanston, Illinois.

ASPECT doctoral student Emma Stamm published a review of Andrew Feenberg’s Technosystem: The Social Life of Reason in the Humanities and Technology Review 37 (Fall 2018): 99–105.