Simply Wittgenstein

Simply Wittgenstein
Release Date2016-06-17
PublisherSimply Charly
Author(s)James C. Klagge
SummaryLudwig Wittgenstein is generally considered as one of the most influential philosophers of modern times. A scion of a wealthy and troubled family in turn-of-the-century Austria (three of his brothers committed suicide), Wittgenstein is remembered today for his two great works, the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (1921) and Philosophical Investigations (1953), which remain both relevant and controversial to this day. In Simply Wittgenstein, Professor of Philosophy James Klagge presents a concise, yet highly illuminating, account of Wittgenstein’s masterpieces, weaving together philosophical, scientific, and biographical elements to introduce readers to the mind and work of an extraordinary thinker.