Elder Abuse and the Public’s Health

Elder Abuse and the Publics Health
Release Date2017-12-28
PublisherSpringer Publishing Company
Edition TitleFirst Edition
Editor(s)Pamela Teaster, PhD and Jeffrey Hall, PhD
SummaryEncompassing the contributions of leading scholars in public health and gerontology, this is a rich repository of key ideas, concepts and issues regarding elder mistreatment and the role of public health initiatives in its prevention. The text frames elder mistreatment as a public health problem, stressing that efforts toward prevention is well within the scope of work performed by public health professionals. It describes major public policy/public health initiatives as they relate to elder mistreatment, analyzes elder mistreatment as a global and human rights issue, and supports the development of core competencies for public health work to prevent elder mistreatment. The text describes in detail major theoretical and applied issues within elder mistreatment and grounds these issues within the core functions and essential services of public health. It then addresses skill development using the core competencies for public health professionals. The book is the first to tie the core functions and essential public health services to core public health competency domains and creates a topic-specific framework for effective public health practice. An annotated section includes the most up-to-date resources for both public health and elder mistreatment, including toolkits, stakeholder lists, and references. A discussion of future directions for the field sets the agenda for a committed interdisciplinary approach to ameliorating and preventing elder mistreatment.