Theories of Delinquency

Theories of Delinquency
SubtitleAn Examination of Explanations of Delinquent Behavior
PublisherOxford University Press
Edition TitleSeventh Edition
Release Date2018-06-01
Author(s)Donald J. Shoemaker
SummaryTheories of Delinquency is a comprehensive survey of the theoretical approaches towards understanding delinquent behavior. Donald Shoemaker aptly presents all major individualistic and sociological theories in a standard format with basic assumptions, important concepts, and critical evaluations. Theories covered include biological and psychological explanations, anomie and social disorganization, differential association, drift theory, labeling theory, critical theories, and explanations of female delinquency. Now in its seventh edition, Theories of Delinquency contains up-to-date discussions based on current research, incorporates new developments in social disorganization theory and related concepts of collective efficacy and criminology of place, and presents a fresh look at bio-social and psychological connections to crime and delinquency and the general theory of crime. Clearly written, consistently organized, and thoroughly updated, Theories of Delinquency remains essential reading for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of crime and delinquency.