Faculty Bookshelf

Tempting Fate
Acting Egyptian
The Birth of Energy
Outlaw Women
Sociology for Human Rights
Moving Violations
A Brotherhood of Liberty
Be Recorder
Human Rights and U.S. Foreign Policy
Race in the Marketplace
Regional Security in the Middle East
Intersectionality and Higher Education
Alexander the Great from Britain to Southeast Asia
The Democracy Development Machine
The Ride of Molly Tynes
Does America Need More Innovators?
LGBTQ Fiction and Poetry from Appalachia
A Raven's Battle-Cry
The Primary Rules
Inventing Modernity in Medieval European Thought, ca. 1100–ca. 1550
American Public School Law
Resilience in Aging
Creating Intelligent Content with Lightweight DITA
Black Women and the Criminal Justice System
Viral Networks
Conflict and Diplomacy in the Middle East
Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement of a Millennial Workforce
Sport Teams, Fans, and Twitter
Being at Genetic Risk
Performing Music History
Creativity Under Duress in Education
Reconciliation after Civil Wars
Democracy and Populism: The Telos Essays
Postpolitics and the Limits of Nature
Network Sense
Michelle Obama's Impact
Permanent Exhibit
Holy Moly Carry Me
Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages
Community Resources for Older Adults
Gender in Film and Video
Ontological Entanglements, Agency and Ethics in International Relations
The Law of Schools, Students and Teachers in a Nutshell
The Civil War and the Transformation of American Citizenship
Theories of Delinquency
Minimal Morality
The Religious Left in Modern America
Careers in Media and Communication
The 2016 American Presidential Campaign and the News
The Music of Franz Liszt
Globalization Under and After Socialism
Cruel Futures
Literacy and Democracy in South African Primary Schools
Facing Freedom
I Am Loved
Wolf Moon Blood Moon
The Matrix of Race
The Macabresque
A Dream of Resistance
A Good Cry
Building the Ivory Tower
Cover of Insatiable
Gamification in Learning and Education
Animal Constructions and Technological Knowledge
Spaces for the Future
Nineteenth-Century Individualism and the Market Economy
Fiction and Non-Fiction
Laurel and Hardy's Comic Catastrophes
Elder Abuse and the Publics Health
Cover of Smell Detectives
Teaching Difficult History through Film
Political Campaign Communication
Pan-African Issues in Crime and Justice
Cover of A Colonial Affair
Cover of The 2016 Presidential Campaign
Metamorphosis Through Conscious Living
Purpose, Practice, and Pedagogy in Rhetorical Criticism
Cover of Social Fragmentation and the Decline of American Democracy
Re-Assembly Required
Book cover for Creativity and Education in China
An Introduction to Fully Integrated Mixed Methods Research
China and the West
American Sanctuary
Building a Community, Having a Home
Cross-Border Networks in Writing Studies
Cover of The FBI and Religion
Cover of State Repression in Post-Disaster Societies
The Souls of White Folk
The cover of Lucinda Roy’s latest poetry collection bears a painting inspired by her father, a carver who carried on a centuries-old tradition.
Cover of Essentials of Educational Psychology
Cover of Juvenile Delinquency
Global Powers of Horror
Teaching Skills for Complex Text
Self-Reflection for the Opaque Mind
Cover of Communication and the Law
Cover of Race, Class, and Choice in Latino/A Higher Education
Cover of The Charlemagne Legend