Ren Harman (left) and David Trinkle stand in front of the Healthstorian.

Healthstorian to Capture the History of Health in Southwest Virginia

The vintage camper may not look much like a recording studio from the outside, but its goal is to record and preserve health stories of people from all backgrounds throughout Southwest Virginia. Du...
Katie Carmichael

Grant to Enable Research on the Linguistic Effects of Hurricane Katrina

The impact of Hurricane Katrina on the language and culture of New Orleans informs Katie Carmichael’s research. Her grant will allow her to collect the largest and most diverse linguistic data sample ever assembled in the Big Easy.
Charles Bolden talks with three creative writing students

Career Conference to Explore the Versatility of the English Degree

English Career Connections allows students to explore professional opportunities with alumni in a range of fields.
Emily Blair

Alumni Spotlight: Emily Blair Blends Writing with Teaching

When she was 18, Emily Blair made it clear she planned to teach composition at a college or university in the South. Now, at age 25, this first-generation college student who grew up rural in Fort ...
Amelia Dirks

Virginia Tech Alumna Wins Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Grant to Greece

Recent alumna Amelia Dirks, of Bloomington, Illinois, will teach at the Hellenic-American Educational Foundation, a private institution in Athens, Greece, in September as one of two alumni chosen for ...
Nikki Giovanni stands smiling in a garden

Nikki Giovanni Named Ring Namesake for Class of 2020

University Distinguished Professor and poet Nikki Giovanni has been named the Class of 2020 class ring namesake. Selected by each class, the ring namesake is an honorary role. “We are pleased to...
The finalists gather in the lobby of the Moss Arts Center. Pictured in the front row are, from left, Shalini Rana, third-place winner; Katherine Louis, second-place winner; and Jillian Mouton, first-place winner. In the middle row, from left, are finalists Mara DePena, Jessica Mardian, Allison Lee Craft, and Nima Trivedi. In the back row are H. H. Hsueh; Alison Miller; AnnRea Fowler; Fintan Kelly; Donna and Dennis Treacy, supporters of the competition; Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor of English; and Taylor Thackaberry.

Nikki Giovanni Announces 2018 Steger Poetry Prize Winners

One of the world’s oldest art forms was recently celebrated in one of the most technologically advanced performance spaces, when the ceremony honoring Steger Poetry Prize winners was, for the first ti...
Paul Heilker

Paul Heilker Receives Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching

Paul Heilker, an associate professor in the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, has received the university’s 2018 Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching....
Ashley Reed

Ashley Reed Receives XCaliber Award

Ashley Reed, an assistant professor in the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, has received the university’s 2018 XCaliber Award. Established in 1...
Nancy Metz

Nancy Metz Receives William E. Wine Award for Teaching Excellence

Nancy Metz, a professor in the Department of English in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, has received the university’s 2018 William E. Wine Award. The William E. Wine Award was estab...
Nikki Giovanni at poetry ceremony 2017

Steger Poetry Prize Winners to Be Celebrated, Along with Poetry Itself

“I share with the painters the desire,” wrote poet Nikki Giovanni, “to put a three-dimensional picture on a one-dimensional surface.” Giovanni will help bring poetry alive in all its dimensions...
Carmen Sanders

Carmen Sanders Named Educator of the Year

Virginia Tech will recognize Carmen Sanders as Educator of the Year during the Influential Black Alumni Awards ceremony on April 13. This year’s ceremony is held on the first day of Virginia Tech’s Bl...
Piercing the Veil

Piercing the Veil

What would Neil Armstrong have tweeted in 1969 after he set foot on the surface of the moon?  How would each of the astronauts from the Apollo 11 mission — Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Col...
A 1615 painting of Barbary pirates confronting a French ship

From Piracy to Poetry

Buccaneers in search of Spanish doubloons had home lives, too. That’s the conclusion of a Virginia Tech College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences alumna who spent years studying the private lives of ...
Mary Tackett

Reading Between the Lines

The stories were raw and honest. Charged with emotion, words pooled out from the study participants, who were parents and teachers involved with educating students with autism in remote, rural Appalac...
Cheryl Strayed

Cheryl Strayed Offers Insights from her ‘Wild Life’

Author Cheryl Strayed discusses her experience hiking more than 1,000 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail — a trip that inspired her New York Times–bestselling memoir, Wild — during a talk at the M...
The head of a man connected to exterior by threads

Interdisciplinary Scholars Awards Represent Meetings of the Minds

Faculty members in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences are collaborating in three of the six teams receiving 2017–18 Scholars Awards from the Virginia Tech Institute for Society, Culture an...
Su Fang Ng

Su Fang Ng Named Clifford A. Cutchins III Professor of English

Su Fang Ng, who will join the faculty of the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech this fall, has been named the Clifford A. Cutchins III Professor of English by the Virg...
Captain Kidd's House

Pirates Were People, Too

In late March 1717, as part of a gang of nearly 250 pirates who’d spent the year raiding ships in the Caribbean, Captain Paulsgrave Williams sailed north up the coast of New England in the Marianne,...
Steger Poetry Prize winners joined several of their champions following the awards ceremony, from left: Sarah McCliment, third-place winner; Donna Treacy, supporter; Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor of English; Aidan Kincaid, second-place winner; Janet Steger, supporter and wife of Charles W. Steger, president emeritus of Virginia Tech, who could not attend; Dennis Treacy, supporter; and Leilani Kassandra Padilla, first-place winner.

Nikki Giovanni Announces Winners of 2017 Steger Poetry Prize

In a demonstration of the creative confluence of art and science, a microbiology major has won the 2017 Steger Poetry Prize. Leilani Kassandra Padilla, of Los Angeles, a sophomore in the College of...


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