ROTC Academic News

Cadet Brett Smith was named one of two national Navy Federal Credit Union ROTC All-American Scholarship winners who tied for Student of the YearHe received a $6,500 scholarship and Virginia Tech’s ROTC programs received $7,500.

Smith, a senior physics major, was recognized at the Military Bowl on December 31. In Spring 2019 he will serve as cadet wing commander for the Air Force ROTC, the highest position a student can hold.

College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences faculty members M. David Alexander, a professor in the School of Education, Neal Larry Shumsky, an associate professor in the Department of History, and Randy Ward, a professor in the School of Performing Arts, along with staff member Carolyne Dudding, Naval ROTC, were recognized for 45 years of dedicated service to Virginia Tech and commitment to upholding the university’s mission. A complete list of employees recognized this year for 10 or more years of service (in five-year increments) can be found here.

The Naval ROTC program at Virginia Tech has had more students selected for U.S. Navy Sea, Air, and Land (SEAL) training in the past two years than any other ROTC program in the country. This year four of the 18 ROTC students chosen to train are from Virginia Tech, with another six beginning the selection process. The SEALs are the Navy’s most elite special operations force.